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Oknonet Article
Editor: Łukasz Pietrzykowski
Title: When you want a door with a spirit....

Introduction: There is an old Polish proverb saying that 'the devil is in the detail'. As far as doors and windows are concerned, the handle is this kind of detail. Whether the door has an antique look depends on the handle.

In January this year, our editors visited Klamex's stand at the recent Budma fair. Our visit was not long, as we had many other places to visit as well. Still, there was something about that stand that made us say that 'there were door handle manufacturers and Klamex', instead of saying that 'we have visited door handle manufacturers, including Klamex'. Indeed, handles manufactured by this company, seated near Józefów, are clearly different from others.

   They are not products manufactured by blind machines. Each handle is made upon a special order and forms a small work of art. You would even wonder whether you are dealing with industry here, or perhaps with craft. The interview I had in May with Mr. Zenon Oliszewski, who is the boss at Klamex, gave me some idea about the answer to these questions.

   The company has been operating for exactly 30 years and from the very beginning it was involved in artistic casts. Where did they get the idea about such production? Zenon's response was clear: 'Since I remember, I have always been interested in old things'. This interest is confirmed by the owner's visit at antiques fairs. Such visits give him inspiration to create new stylish patterns. The 'Koło' fair in Warsaw is a source of many beautiful items, which can cost a lot, but inspiration is priceless. Thus, the patterns gallery keeps expanding.

   The plant also produces handles and hardware according to customer's patterns. Handles produced by Zenon's company primarily reach old houses, manors, namely anywhere where the inhabitants are keen on sophisticated old-style beauty. Windows and doors can be 'complemented' with elegant handles so that the whole combination has its special spirit. The niche in which Klamex operates has not yet been 'spoiled' by ruthless competition. Thus, esthetic value and quality of the handles from Józefów are known in many European Union states. To get a product with a spirit... you need a craftsman with passion.

Klamki KLAMEX - Klamki ozdobne, okucia meblowe, kołatki, klamki mosiężne

Our products include:

door handles, door knobs, keyhole plates, hand-rails, knockers, door stops, hooks, furniture fixtures, brass plates, lettering, commemorative plaques, window fasteners, washroom labels, engraved hotel key rings, as well as custom castings made to order.

Klamex was founded in 1976. The owners of the company are Renata and Zenon Oliszewski. Our main business is the production and renovation of brass products as well as other brass-related services.
Our offer includes stylish products which are manufactured according to original designs by the sand cast method, as well as contemporary designs. We specialise in the production and renovation of traditional decorative brass products.(more...)




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Klamki KLAMEX - Klamki ozdobne, okucia meblowe, kołatki, klamki mosiężne